Saturday, November 14, 2009

My first elk, Bookcliffs 09!

Me with my first Elk

Me and Rhett with my Elk

Me and Dad with my Elk

Dad, Dan, Rhett
The guys who dragged my elk into the truck!
And they were all there to watch me shoot it!

Saturday, October 24, 2009


I shot my first buck this morning! We have been hunting since last Saturday, and it was the second to last day of the hunt. So I decided to go ahead and take the shot on this 2X3 buck. It was so exciting! I didn't expect it to be such a rush but it really was one. I shot it at 200 yards and got it down with the first shot! Thanks so much Rhett for taking the time to take me hunting ever day. And for trying so hard to find me a buck. I couldn't of done it without you! You are the best hunting guide! I really enjoy going hunting with my man:) I can't wait until my elk hunt in a few weeks!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Out on a Saturday drive!

We took Dan's cars out for a Saturday drive! It was so much fun! We drove them to Bluebell and got ice cream. They have really good ice cream at the Bluebell Store. There was 13 of us! It is always lots of fun taking the cars out for a cruise. We could not have ask for better weather on a mid October day. I had a good time taking pictures that day. There is a few more pictures on my photography blog if you would like to check them out:)

Rhett's First Bear 2009!

You will have to ask Rhett the amazing story about this bear hunt because it is to good to be told by me! Lets just say it was an extreme bear hunt with lots of close calls!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Babie bunnys!!!

My rabbit had babies!!! They are so cute! She had 7 of them, all are health and growing well. Five are white like the mom, one is brown like the dad, and one is black and white. The black and white one is my favorite one. I think it looks like a skunk. We think that they are a few weeks old. I can't wait to hold them. I am going to keep the black and white one and give the rest away to good homes. Baby rabbits are just so cute!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend camping trip on Diamond Mountain!

We went camping this weekend up on Diamond and it was so much fun! we got to do and see some neat things. First off, we got to see this cute little baby bear! We spotted him about 50 yards off the road and our dogs chased it up a tree. Rhett and his friend Dan went and saw it in the tree about 100 yards from the truck and took pictures with it and a video of it. I on the other hand just watched from the truck. I was to scared to walk to the tree because I was worried Mama bear was going come and save her baby! But it was still really cool to watch from the truck. It was my first time ever seeing a bear in the wild. We also saw a bear track right before that in a different area so that was neat too! We ran into a guy who was down to the last 2 days of the hunt and he hadn't killed an elk yet so Rhett decided to help him out. He bugled in a Bull for him and we watch him shoot it from 730 yards away! Then we helped him get it down the mountain and into his truck. That was very interesting. He wanted to save the liver and heart so I ended up having to carrying it down the mountain for him, along with every ones coats, a gun, binoculars, a camcorder, and camera! It was his first Bull elk, so we were glad to be apart of it and help him out. Besides all of this we just hung around the fire, Rhett cooked yummy breakfast for us and we just relaxed and had a great time! Our dogs had a great time too! Sam loved cuddling with Rhett by the fire:) I can't wait for my hunt so we can hopefully see more cool stuff!


Rhett won a Diamond tag this year, and he found the big one!!! It green scored a 370! He is very proud of his elk and took lots of pictures with it:) I'm very proud of him, and so happy he got a big one! Way to go babe!!!